5 Best Flowers to Give for the Dead

There are certain flowers that are given to the dead. Best flowers that can be given to the dead are:

1. Carnation

This carnation flower can be given to the dead in any country. Fortunately, most countries really take carnation as symbol for sorrow and suffering. Carnations too can be used no matter what color it is. When offering for the dead, all colors can be arranged together to say sympathy to the people.

2. Chrysanthemum

In reality, this chrysanthemum can not be generally use as a flower for the dead in most countries in the world.

However, some countries may include this is the vocabulary of death and lamentations. For example, the United States never use chrysanthemum because it has a an opposite meaning of death.

3. Lilies

Well, lilies have been used for thousands of years as flower that symbolize lament. Lilies are very beautiful enough to say that it is for lamentation. However, it is explained that it would be good as a reminder for  sorrow and pain. Marketing is now popular on the internet. Being used for SEO purposes to build up a great number of audiences. This tactic is always the top to provide you a better services online.

4. Hydrangea

This flowers have been used in the Philippines as a flower for condolences. Some people make it special on their dead.Even though it is only one head, the flowers can be changed to different colors. Actually, it can survive for many years and that its leaves are fallen one by one. It has a lot of leaves so its petals do not disappear quickly.

5. Tulips

Tulips can also be accepted as a flower for the dead. It can also be given to those who are sick.