Deadliest Plants

It is not just the flowers but also plants are deadly. There are specific plants that are considered deadly that should be avoided by people. They can kill immediately if they are consumed or ingested by people. Even animals could die when they also eat of the deadly plants.

Tobacco or Nicotiana tabacum that is available around the world is one of the deadliest plants listed. It is commonly used in cigarettes. In some part of the world, they make their own cigarettes from the dried leaves of tobacco. But if they are eaten while they are green, they are deadly to humans and animals.

Oleander is a plant which has a beautiful flower when you see but also deadly. The toxin in this plant is very high. It can cause death, seizures, and diarrhea.

Rosary Pea is a plant that its seed is usually harvested to be used in making rosaries. When the seed has no leak it is safe to touch but when the inside of it will be ingested, it is deadly. Many died while working with this seed.

Castor Bean is the source of the castor oil. The seeds contain the poison that when eaten is deadly. One to two seeds are needed to be fatal to child and eight for adults.

White Snakeroot this plant is deadly and its poison could be passed from the animal who has eaten from the plant. That is why farmers are careful to remove this plant.

Deadly Nightshade is one plant that is dangerous in every part. It can even cause skin irritation if touched.