Deadly Flowers

The flowers are meant to be beautiful and that we can see them around us. As we see that they are beautiful, we also want to touch and smell them. We can also desire to plant them so we can be able to have them nearby. But it should not be the case for the deadly flowers. They are beautiful to see but you should not be able to ingest them or even the strong scent could cause some trouble and they are deadly.

Veratrum is a dangerous one because all part of it has poison. It can cause an immediate failure to the heart with many other complications that can lead to death if a person eats the flower.

Ragwort is deadly but it is rare that someone will eat it because of the bitter taste. Its aroma is not attractive so it ingestion is more to animals.

Mountain Laurel is very attractive so bees naturally can go to it. The danger then lies in the honey produced by the bee as the toxin is transferred there. If ingested then death could be the result.

Calla Lily is common to be used as a flower. Many people use it in their flower arrangement and in decoration and in a landscape. The disadvantage is it is also poisonous.

Cerbera Odollom is a tree that has flowers that is attractive. But the poison it contains can paralysis to the heart.

Laburnum is also deadly if amount ingested is in the fatal volume.

The Naked Lady which has beautiful pink flowers is good to smell but do not do it. It can cause you to have a cardiovascular collapse.

Other flowers are Adenium, Daphne, and Aconitum.